Known Issues

  • Inconsisten Returns

    The library is not consistent with its return types. Sometimes a wrapped element is returned, sometimes is unwrapped. Since fixing this would be a breaking change, I am panning on fixing this on the next major release (2.0) The main change will be that attributes that were previously properties, will become a get method with an optional kwarg for wrapped:

    >>> # Previous
    >>> # 2.0
    >>> instance.get_family()
  • Case Sensitive ElementParameterFilter

    The boolean argument for case_sensitive string comparison has no effect
    I achieved the same result using the RevitPythonShell, so this could
    be either a RevitAPI bug, or a IronPython/API issue.

    To Reproduce:

    >>> Assumes an element with a parameter with string value: "Test"
    >>> param_id = SomeElementId
    >>> value = 'test'
    >>> case_sensitive = True
    >>> rule = DB.ParameterFilterRuleFactory.CreateBeginsWithRule(param_id, value, case_sensitive)
    >>> filter_rule = DB.ElementParameterFilter(rule)
    >>> col = FilteredElementCollector(doc).WherePasses(filter_rule)


    col would not include element with parameter with value ‘Test’ with case_sensitive is True.


    col always is always case insensitive.